Cuban stilt dancers in Havana.
Photo Norlys Pérez Padrón

Flexibility, affordability, fun, new experiences and friends

Benefits of group travel to Cuba

US travel rules require group travel

The people-to-people travel category allowing all Americans to visit Cuba legally is only possible on organized group tours. Sadly independent people-to-people travel to Cuba remains prohibited. Many people find this onerous, not to mention expensive. We’ve solved both these problems.een banned from since 1961.

Cuba travel is complicated

Things in Cuba change constantly and guidebooks are out of date before they hit the bookstores. Our full time staff in Havana are on top of what’s possible and what is not. When you travel with enjoy a slice of Cuban life.

We develop our tours together with the most prestigious Cuban organizations, personalities and institutions. Our Cuban staff and partners are prompt, reliable and deliver. You’ll not be disappointed.

Understanding Cuba’s enigmatic culture

Our multilingual Cuban guides are upbeat university graduates and certified professionals. They have a broad historical understanding of their country. They love their work and the opportunity to engage with our American guests who they consider cousins. Like all Cubans they are so happy American and Cuba are friends again.

They are candid and honest. They value humor, fun and spontaneity while keeping our programs on track. They’re always eager to answer your challenging questions – it makes their work more rewarding. And they’re always there for you.

Make new friends

Our groups are planned to allow every tour participant maximum time with Cubans they encounter – consistent with US travel rules requiring “meaningful interaction with Cuban people.” It is no surprise our travelers make many friends in Cuba, and return to the island to be with them in the future.

In addition Global Relations Travel Club Members are a group of open-minded Americans whose approach to new cultures and outlooks are expansive.

Our trips are planned so we can be ourselves and let our hair down for a brief period in a safe atmosphere. We will return home having made new friends, gleaning new takes on life, and with memories and experiences lasting forever.

Wall-to-wall fun, flexibility, security

We can tell you, having organized a number of international group tours people will find our activities a blast. But if the pace becomes too much, or you made a new Cuban friend and want to spend time with them. Perhaps you discovered something along the way you’ve always dreamed of and want to check it out. No problem.

While our itineraries are action packed, you still have free time to explore on your own. And, if you’re shy, our outgoing Cuban guide and Global Relations Travel Club Teammate will make certain you are comfortable and included in everything.

Should a problem occur, there is round the clock service. Our partners provide full time support from offices in the United States and Cuba, in addition to our office in Illinois before, during and after travel.